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Camp WFDYS Jr en Norvège

2.-9.août 2009 pour jeunes sourds de 13 à 17 ans
Article publié le lundi 13 avril 2009.

The Norwegian Association of the Deaf Youth section (NDFU) and WFDYS are happy to tell you that we are organizing 4th. WFDYS junior camp in Norway 2.-9. August 2009 for Deaf youth aged 13-17.

The association has established “Ål folkehøgskole og kurssenter for døve” in Aal which is approximately 3,5 hours with bus from the Oslo airport “Gardermoen”. Aal is located between Oslo and Bergen in the mountain. The school is 700 meters above sea with wonderful view of the valley. The school has many different opportunities like swimming pool, gym and teambuilding course in the woods.

You will learn to know other deaf people from all over the world for a week in Ål Folkehøyskole and kurssenter for døve and also learn about the "Deaf youth and leadership in the future" with various workshop and many good speakers. And it will be great to experience the Norwegian nature and exchange different cultures !

International sign language will be the main mode of communication. Registration is limited to two campers and one leader per country.

Registration for WFDYS junior camp is 250 euro per person (camper and leader). For developing countries is 150 euro per person (camper and leader). The fee includes accommodations, meals, transportation t/r Oslo Airport and Aal and local transportation, training, teaching materials and supplies, activities, camp DVD (photos and videos) and camp t-shirt.

Enclosed is an application form with questions we need to know about each camper and leader. Please note that each country is responsible for selection of applicants (two campers and one leader) who will represent their country during 4th WFDYS junior camp in Norway. We will not do the selecting.

Deadline for submitting camp applicants is 30.04.2009

To ensure smooth communication and flow of information, it is the responsibility of the Deaf Youth Associations / Deaf Associations in each country to assimilate and disseminate camp information to their local Deaf communities. Interested teenagers are to contact directly to their own associations (not to us) for more information or to apply. Please keep checking and the camp’s website, as the camp information is subject to change.

Deaf Youth Associations / Deaf Associations can communicate directly to us via email or mail or fax for any questions whatsoever, information request, or sending of applicants (2 campers and one leader, all in one package would be greatly appreciated).

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

-  Niels Kristensen, Camp Secretary, niels.kristensen (at)
-  Maria Andersen, Youth Secretary, maria.andersen (at)

Fax : +47 23 31 06 50

More information on camp site :

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