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Article publié le Wednesday 28 June 2017.

Hello, Imagine a time when every Hearing and Deaf child can learn to read from the smart phone in their village...hearing and seeing their mother tongue and hand sign on the app? The time is now!

Do you know someone who would like to volunteer to add their mother tongue or hand signs to the free His Hands Reader literacy system? The Www.HisHandsReader.org mother tongue literacy videos with hand sign assist opens a path for total inclusion of deaf children among hearing. As hearing children use the mother tongue literacy videos with hand sign assist they naturally learn the means to communicate with deaf playmates. And don’t over look that the Www.HisHandsReader.org mother tongue literacy videos help Hearing children in the Multi lingual Education classroom. It takes only 30 hours to add your mother tongue. Here are the instructions to volunteer...




HHR helps deaf volunteers in developing countries make a video dictionary and reading primers using their hand signs. These videos help deaf in their country learn to read English and __Other Languages__.

And they help hearing family members and teachers of deaf learn hand signs.

Children will enjoy learning to read using the hand signs as memory aids.

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